Take A Memory Test

How do you know if you are experiencing early signs of memory loss or Alzheimer’s Disease? The best way, and the way it is done in our research studies, is to undergo 2-3 hours of memory (cognitive) testing using multiple instruments by a memory specialist or a neuropsychologist. But most of us just want a quick and easy way to figure out whether we have anything to worry about.

To try to get a quick read on whether you may be having memory issues, answer the questions below. If you answer “yes” to 2 or more of the following questions, it may be time to talk to a memory specialist about memory loss.


Do you believe that your memory in general is worse today than it was just 2 years ago?

Are you frequently misplacing things and unable to retrace your steps to find the object?

Are you frequently forgetting the names of people you know very well? For example, are you forgetting the names of your grandchildren or close family members.

Is your wife/husband or children expressing concerns about your memory?

Is your wife/husband or children telling you that you are repeating yourself (asking the same question or making the same statement frequently in the same day without realizing it)?

When driving around town to places you drive to frequently (such as the grocery store, the gym, the hair salon or barber shop, the pharmacy), are you starting to have trouble finding your way back home or getting lost?

Do you have difficulty recalling facts in a book or an article you just read? Have you slowed down or stopped reading because you cannot remember what you have read?

Do you have difficulty remembering what day of the week this is, or the date of today, or what city, county, and state you are in?

Are you repeatedly having difficulty finding the word(s) you need to express yourself?

Are you increasingly losing your train of thought when talking with someone?

Do you no longer carry out multitasking functions, such as planning and executing a meeting or home gathering, because of poor memory?

Memory Self-Assessement
Since you answered 'Yes' to more than 2 questions, it may be time to talk to a memory specialist about memory loss.
Sign up for a one-to-one, no-cost appointment with one of the doctors at the Alzheimer's Research Center at National Clinical Research in Richmond. During your visit, the doctor will teach you about Alzheimer's, answer your questions, tell you about our research program and test your memory.
You are not at risk for memory loss!
Based on your answers, we could not determine your memory status. You may want to still speak with a memory specialist.