About NCR

NCR’s Founder, Dr. James M. McKenney, has had 4 decades of experience in clinical research. He began his research as a faculty member at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University 1980 and in 1995 he moved his university research program in the private sector as National Clinical Research in Richmond.

Dr. McKenney is recognized internationally for his expertise in the field of Clinical Lipidology (cholesterol) and heart disease. He has conducted well over 1000 clinical trials as principal or sub-investigator, published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles in prestigious medical and scientific journals, and given over 2000 presentations to scientific, professional and lay audiences on medical research topics. He is also Professor Emeritus at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University.




NCR’s Chief Executive Officer, Kristen M. Sale, completed her undergraduate degree at Longwood College in Mathematics and Education and her Master’s degree in Biostatics at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University.

She joined NCR in 1997 and has enjoyed an exciting and productive journey. During her tenure, she has touched and enhanced nearly every facet of the practice. She upgraded and systemized our regulatory work, fostered new relationships with local practices and nurtured their referrals to our research enterprise, developed firm and committed relationships with the many local vendors who contribute to our research execution, fostered a comradery among our staff with new incentive and support initiatives, supported and replaced our digital footprint in capturing and managing our research database and upgraded our financial system as Chief Business Officer.

Kristen has a genuine commitment to our participation in the development of new therapies which makes a difference in the lives in the people who participate in our clinical trials and in those in the generations to follow. The NCR staff embrace these same commitments. The patients who come to volunteer as study participants experience the comfort and assurance that they too are making a lasting impact on the betterment of life.


NCR’s Chief Medical Officer, John Keith Scott, MD completed his medical education at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University and his medical training at Chesterfield Family Practice Residency program. He is board certified in Family Practice. He has practiced medicine for 15 years and participated in clinical research since 2015.

Dr. Scott has served as an investigator in over 300 trials and is recognized for his work in clinical research. He has devoted the most recent chapter in his professional career to the development of new medications. Regarded by his peers as a physician’s physician, he enjoys spending time with his patients, answering their questions and teaching them about their treatment results. He has a passion for being on the cutting edge of medicine and is a wealth of up-to-date medical information to patients and fellow physicians alike.

For patients, and especially for patients of doctors associated with Commonwealth Primary Care, his affiliation with National Clinical Research means a smooth, seamless transition between the doctor’s office and the research center. The real plus for anyone who volunteers to participate in a clinical research study at NCR is to have unlimited access to Dr. Scott.


James R Dageforde has been in clinical medicine his whole career prior to joining National Clinical Research.  He received his MD degree from Baylor College of Medicine in  Houston, TX and did his residency at the Medical College of Georgia.  He began private practice in Ringgold, GA in 1979, then moved to Richmond, VA and became the third doctor at Family Physicians, Ltd. in 1982.  Over the years  the  practice has grown and prospered and is now Commonwealth Primary Care , Inc. with over 50 providers.  Dr. Dageforde still works  at the practice part time and NCR enjoys a close relationship with the practice.  During his tenure at CPC, Dr. Dageforde also engaged  in teaching and mentoring both  medical and  physician  assistant  students.  He also loves his volunteer work at the Crossover Healthcare Ministry, Richmond’s largest free clinic.

By joining National Clinical Research, Dr. Dageforde is satisfying a lifelong desire to also participate in research. He is anxious to help further  knowledge in areas like dementia, a disease which  he encountered often in clinical practice and for which treatment has not been very effective.  Working directly with patients has always been his passion and forte.  He is happy to be able to meld direct patient care with clinical research at NCR.