Scientists have learned that a build-up of amyloid plaque in the brain which leads to the death of brain cells may be the cause of memory loss and dementia. We are conducting several studies to see if a study medication can prevent this build up. The study provides a complete medical evaluation including memory testing, a MRI evaluation, and a PET scan (to see if there is any amyloid plaque in the brain), an evaluation valued at $8000, at no cost to the volunteer. The study medication will be provided at some point during the study.  To learn more about the studies we are enrolling, visit our Alzheimer’s Research Center website at


Have a Study Partner (i.e. a person that is with you 8 hours each week)

No stroke or seizure in the last 12 months

Can have an MRI

Over 1 Year (varies)

Varies for Patient; Varies for Caregiver

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