Patient Sources

NCR has several sources from which to attract patients into its studies:

The Research Database:  A database of 13,800 patients who have visited NCR in the past and participated in one or more of its studies is a very important source of patients for NCR studies. Importantly, these individuals have demonstrated an inclination toward volunteering for research studies by virtue of the fact that they have participated in at least one prior study. These patients have also experienced what it is like to participate in a clinical trial and have gained confidence and trust after having worked with our research staff. This source has been the primary patient source for the therapeutic areas listed above.

Commonwealth Primary Care: This leading primary care practice in the Richmond metropolitan area includes 9 offices and 40 family practice and internal medicine providers which provide services to approximately 130,000 mostly adult patients. This practice maintains its own research office which helps identify database patients who may qualify for a NCR research study. The patient is notified of this opportunity by a letter of introduction from the patient’s primary care physician, by a voice mail or text mail push, as appropriate, or by a personal call from the CPC research specialist. Individuals who are interested in learning more about the study are referred to NCR.

RVA Pediatrics: This leading pediatric practice in the Richmond metropolitan area includes 14 providers practicing in 4 locations and providing services to 55,000 infants, children and adolescents. The lead research pediatrician for the practice serves as the primary investigator for most of NCR’s pediatric research studies. In much the same way as described in the Commonwealth Primary Care practice above, RVA Pediatrics makes its patients aware of research studies by a letter from the lead research pediatrician or by direct conversation with him or his assistant. Parents and guardians of pediatric patients who are interested in learning more about the research study are referred to NCR.

Media Advertising: All media advertising and patient recruitment for NCR studies is managed by its office of Pre-Study Operations. This office has the capability of drafting advertising material and gaining sponsor and IRB approval. It hires a local advertising company to produce its TV ads and buy its spots based on the demographics of the target audience. This NCR office also retains the services of another media company to place its digital ads in social media, internet, and email portals. It maintains a call center to receive patient calls from all of the above sources of referral.