Medical Condition: ADHD in the Pediatric Population
Facility / Clinic: Richmond, VA 
Age: 6 - 17 years old
Gender: male/female
Brief Summary: ADHD is a chronic, debilitating disorder that affects many aspects of daily life and has a substantial burden on family functioning. Children with ADHD exhibit a number of functional impairments, and the motivation in seeking medical treatment typically stems from the need to address dysfunction in social, emotional, academic, and familial domains.  Doctors at National Clinical Research are studying the efficacy of a new medicine for the treatment of ADHD.  
Key Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
  • Diagnosed with ADHD
  • No significant neurological disorders
  • No significant psychological disorders
  • BMI < 95th percentile for child's age
Enrollment: Opening soon
Patient Commitment Duration:  10 weeks
Patient Compensation: You may receive up to $50 for each office visit
Number of Visits in Study: 8 office visits 



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